Getting a free Roblox account is easy! Follow this link and it will direct you to the signup area. Not like other Guests or Bc, Tbc, or Obc, which stands for Builders Club, you get privilages, which I will talk about here.

  1. When you have done that, you want to create a Username. It dosen't have to be too creative. But take your time. Because, when you want to change it, and you used your account for a long time. You might regret.
  2. Get a password, with at least an uppercase letter and 2 numbers. A legit password is #Sgt47f4f. Something that will make you remember the password and that even your friend won't normaly find out.
  3. Oh yah totaly forgot, tell if you are a boy a girl, month, your refreral. Just say AgentRocks. Thanks in advanace. :P